Google I/O '08 Keynote: Imagination, Immediacy, and Innovation…

Google I/O '08 Keynote: Imagination, Immediacy, and Innovation… and a little glimpse under the hood at Google

Marissa Mayer has been with Google for 9 years, helping to build Google into one of the world's most popular web services. As the VP of Search and User Experience, her team is behind some of Google's most popular and successful products including core web search, images, news, books, maps, iGoogle, toolbar, desktop, and health. This talk is a glimpse from inside the trenches of how Google builds products (including practical insights on how to build the best products), how to prioritize your efforts especially under resource constraints, and how to think about strategy.

BTW - an anecdote (5:00 - 5:45)
Q: "what inspired the plain, blank homepage?"
A: "We didn't have a webmaster and I don't do HTML! That's why Google is blank!"
:-) nice!


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