2nd to 4th day of the UXintensive - Washington DC

I liked the informative, enlightening and creative atmosphere we had. It was so great to learn from and with this creative people.
The last day started with this video …

… well and what should I say – the some fun you can see in this video was the same fun we had again and again throughout the days and especially at the last day. ( by the way @ Andrew your heart is or should be on the left side :-)
We pass the three further days of the UXintensive. If I’m honest I had expect more and different issues and topics throughout the second and third day. But what I’ve heard were a positive affirmation to me and my work that I done in the last few years. I hoped that I would become acquainted with a new and or so far unknown tool or method. However, these issues and topics enable me to be aware and to recollect of these tools and methods in research and IA.
The whole days forced us to focus on the vital aspects of UX, the goal of designing a user interface and to do this by the methods of user centered design, to support our clients as good as possible and to increase the return of invest not by saying always “YES” and by doing every our clients want to, but rather by understanding the user’s and client’s expectation and improve the user's experience.
The results of our efforts of research and information architecture must end up in a product which is …
  • usable
  • effective
  • simple
  • clear
  • supportive
  • engaging
  • enjoyable
  • transparency

Whatever we develop it should be crafted to help the users reach information and offer them intuitive and efficient functionalities. We should put great emphasis on developing a powerful contextual environment around the content. I know it I mention it again and again – but we live in a world which is moving faster and faster and becomes more and more complex … that is one of several more reasons to pay a great attention on metadata. The metadata available in the content can be used to dynamically generate and offer content relevant information, features and links which can have great benefit for the user.
When I remind me on the topic of the second day and its topic research and all the things we did throughout the day …

  • Objectives & Planning
  • Selecting & creating methods
  • Collecting data
  • Analyzing data
  • Representing findings to colleagues, clients and stakeholders

… after all the main message I take with me of this day – is to mix, adapt and adjust the methods of research I know much more than I already do and did concerning on clients, timelines and situation.

The third day was about Information Architecture. What I really liked was that Kate focused her talk and topics on aspects of IA which be ignored, missed and overlooked all too often …

  • Metadata
  • Analysis of content, features and context
  • Behavior for searching and finding – And the requirements to support these ongoin
  • Cchange of behavior
  • Classification and categorization

Too many people still think that information architecture is just diagramming of sitemaps, sketching of mock-ups and function plans and finally drawing of wireframes. Thank you Kate for this valuable talk!
As I already mentioned the fourth day started with an inspiring tube. And I want to show Andrew my greatly respect that he was able to held this spirit on a high level to the very last minute of the day. He presented the elements of interaction design …

  • Making Models
  • Ideation
  • Design Principles
  • Refinement
  • Fixing Broken Products
  • Prototyping

My group and I, and it was pretty the same in every group, we had so much fun and we get so inspired that we developed so many extraordinary and unexpected ideas in these few hours.
I think it will take a few days until I’ll combine and figure out all the information I got – And I also need to get a few things straight.

Great workshop(s)
Great colleagues
… and all of this in a great city – Washington DC.