Two talks by Roger Martin - Design vs. Business

In a global economy, a good design, with a high utility, usability with a high respect of user and customer experience and expectation, is becoming a critical competitive advantage. Trouble is, most business folks don't think like IA, UX, UE. IxD and design people and all to often also consulting by this folk / by us. User experience planning and user experience design powerful impact on business strategy will require a whole new way of thinking. Business can do a better job at innovating and advancing knowledge — if they include UX and design thinking.

When you have time and your interested on a more holistic view and great thinking you should listen and think about those two talks / videos:

the first one (Length: 1:18h) you can watch here or on youtube ...

and the second one (Length: 28:41min) you can watch on ...


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