Readability and Scanability of tablet devices

I do not know whether you know it, but since a few months I increasingly focus on mobile devices - and every thing is changing faster and faster - for instance Readability and Scanability of tablet devices:

but on the other hand there are still behavior that doesn't change cause of various reasons. Users scan and read online still in an F-shaped pattern. The most users scan the first words and or sentences of lines and paragraphs to decide whether to read the rest or not.
The first word, the first sentence and first paragraph are the keys to make the user stay and to read further on.
The first elements should describe the following content, giving readers clues as to whether the rest of the content will interest them. The first two words of each line of enumerations, or the first two or three words of each paragraph should be the most information-carrying words.

Back to the future of interfaces - I have mentioned this topic by several former articles - these articles are still relevant and educational ...