Content is King - UX is Queen

 Content - Content - Content ... It’s an obvious part of any medium. In fact, you’ve for sure heard ...  

Content is King

But we all know who rules - or?
Behind every great man there’s a great woman,

UX is Queen

... and this woman/person is busy, solicitous, strenuous, competent and many more.   
The content of a website may have the potential being supporting, helpful, educating or entertaining, but we have to keep in mind, in the final or first analysis content is always nothing more than meaningless DATA, each content just become INFORMATION if it's contextual and situationally relevant, readable, findable - if it's difficult to find, read or engage with, users will meet with disappointment.  

This Queen has to attract the user and generate consideration, and then this Queen will create impact, need, interactivity and stickiness.