Vision of an AR future

I'd like to draw your attention to this short movie: 'Sight,' It's a vision of an AR (augmented reality) future - gorgeous, awesome and stunning - but also disconcerting, ludicrous and alarming Sight takes the promise of augmented reality down a decidedly dystopian path. Produced by a group of Israeli students.
There are so many various new approachs how we might or will interact with information and our enviroment in the future - Various devices, application and services will come up in the next few weeks, months and years.

If we have a look at one aspect of the ubiquitous technologies, the wearable-computing market - at things like Google’s Project Glass, Zephyr Technology and the Hug Shirt - they will be always on, always available, accessible and always present. And there are and will be much more omnipresent things in the future. They will influence and change the way how we live and progress of the social development.

Each new interface or medium is simply a new user experience and will change our expectation and the prospect of the next step. Each one is 'only' an interface for the information and content that we bring into our lives or that comes to our attention inside the reality of our daily personal and business affairs. All of these technologies are for the same five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste) that we experience reality through. And it will change our live - but we all should care what will really increase and support our life ... I am exited and afraid about it at the same time - I often ask myself do all the 'average citizen' understand what is going on?

Yes it's fascinated and I'm mesmerised by prospects like scene from the movie Minority Report. Tom Cruise walks in the mall while his eyes are getting scanned by 3D screens. The screens call him directly by his name to get his attention.

I love the ideas of NUI (Natural User Interface) and KUI (Kinetic User Interface) and OUI (Organic User Interface)
With the growth of sensors and microelectronics, the potential uses of ubiquitous technologies will reach to so many or every aspect of our daily personal and business live in the very next future.

I am pretty sure these technologies will become natural and valuable to the realities of our information rich business and lifestyles (health and fitness, gaming, commerce, disabilities). But this doesn’t come without some challenges. Even in the future it will prove to be true that Content is King, but Context and UX will be the Queen ( as I already explained in June :-)

Just one last note / finding it's Aurasma - it's a visual browser, I just discovered and I use with my iPad since a few days. It brings the physical and virtual worlds together.
And this is the TED presentation of Aurasma: