Care about people (fellows) and u get the idea of live and business

Today I like to share my most most best-liked talk. I watch and listen to this talk when I am down and ask myself whether I act wrong or right - because I firmly believe that if u don't care about, think about, understand people, you don't understand live and business.

Simon Sinek tells about the significance of belief, trust, authenticity and meaning. Simon maintains that we are as people and companies, everything that we say and do is a sign of who we are and what we are and will become.
For myself it’s a mindset changing presentation – thx Simon so much !

What do u think?


  1. That is all rainbow and sprinkles, but does not take into account the simple fact that there are people who will deceive and take advantage of you. And this usually happens when we expose ourself showing trust, authenticity and meaning.


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