Relation of success, decisions and experiences

Have you ever thought about what thoughts are made of, what drives your creativity and your decisions? This following definition passed through my mind - It's still not the final one - but I think a first step:

Success is the result of proper decisions.  
Proper decisions come from experiences.  
Experience results from former decisions,  
and that means 
... avoiding false decisions and improving of successful conclusion.

There are these proverbs like ...
 "You have to learn from your mistakes" or "learning from the mistakes of others"
 OK - that's absolutely not wrong - but failures are NOT prerequisites for success.

Let's be honest - is that surprising? - I think not - It's just the way like mother nature works ...
Evolution does NOT waste time or abide by / with failures, 
flora and fauna is always building upon what worked, what was successful.
Shouldn't we too ? 
Yes - One shouldn't change horses in midstream - but at the next good point / at the very next shallow bank we have to look what we can do better, improve or avoid.

[  these are just a few thoughts of a sleepless night :-) and or or the result of experience and observation :-)  ]
What do you think?