Amazon introduces Amazon Dash

Amazon launched Amazon Dash a few days ago , Amazon Dash allows the user to add foodstuffs and household products to his shopping list using AmazonFresh service.

The AmazonDash connects to your home Wi-Fi network and works directly with your AmazonFresh account. Say or scan items into your Dash, and then view the list on your desktop or mobile device to purchase and schedule delivery. The Dash device offers a microphone, speaker as well as a bar-code reader and links directly to the user's AmazonFresh account.
However, the device is available only for users of the AmazonFresh which currently operates exclusively in Southern California, San Francisco and Seattle. The device is free during the trial period, according to the product's website.

Permit me to the following remark ...
Why should one always look and search the Dash device? I don't know how it looks like at your home but children like to drop everything where they used it the last time - and this behavior is not alone a monopoly of children ;-)
Why not use a smartphone app instead? An app which runs on the device of each member of the household.
Don't get me wrong I like the design of the Amazon Dash device. But in the future of things we do not need further devices we need devices which adopts functions and features.