Thoughts about Customer Experience

Omni-channel life and use cycle is becoming the standard, and each channel has to be as convenient and consistent as possible.

Delivering an omni-channel experience is today a special distinguishing mark – it’s THE projecting force in order to increase loyalty and satisfaction among users and consumers. 

Just a few numbers regarding the customers’ expectation for instance, more than 70% expect to view in-store inventory online. About 40% of consumers are unlikely or very unlikely to visit a retailer’s store if it doesn’t offer this feature. sad to say but the current situation is that only a third of retailers have operationalized this basic omni-channel principle.

Yes time is changing and also behavior is changing BUT there are also things which remains constant. Shoppers still rank a convenient location, product assortment, the best prices and good customer service as the top reasons for remaining loyal to a favored retailer.
While about 40 % of customers wanted a better seamless experience, a proportion of about 30% cited an enhanced experience in-store as a key issue. And for consumers in eight largely mature
markets, in-store improvements are becoming especially important: about 35 %  wanted some of the convenience of online transferred to the store, versus less then 25 % a year earlier. More than half of all global shoppers want to be able to access services in-store via mobile devices, for example.

Elements to keep in mind:

  • Understanding customers 
    • who your customers
      • needs
      • decision criterion
      • expectation
      • how do they understand your brand
    • how and when do your customers are using your page?
    • what are they saying across channels
  • Consolidate all customer information to right channel and touch points
  • Resolving customer issues quickly and easily
  • Offering personalized assistance, support and service fitting for every interaction, channels, and touchpoints 
  • Delivering relevant information at the point of interest and need
  • Remember the basics of loyalty
  • Maintain flexible fulfillment options
  • Personalize offerings to win trust