Innovation for retail

Shoppers are more knowledgeable, empowered and connected to each other than ever before. They rely heavily on social media, social shopping, and close collaboration, to conduct pre-purchase research before buying or confirming what and where they want to buy a service or item.
Shoppers expect that retailers understand their needs and creating consistence shopping experiences – wherever and whenever the shopper decided to engage. This implies both physical and digital retail locations.
Meeting customers’ expectations is a top priority for retails. They also have to control costs and improve operating efficiencies. It’s about rolling the top and the bottom together. This requires real time, enterprise wide insides into inventory and a well involved supply chain and multiple fulfillment channels.

New Technologies to solve today’s challenges
To address these challenges retailers have to …
  • Accelerate their analytics
  • Real time a granular view of the customer transaction and own operation
  • Real Time inventory and repository data
  • Omni-channel sales analytics and demand forecast
  • Knowledge about the general future of digital commerce
  • Knowledge of latest trends and opportunities of omni-channel and customer engagement
  • Enhancing the shoppers’ experience by mobile solutions

Tapping the full potential of the value chain
Retail specific and customer centered content by making use of …
  • Consistent and standardized processes
  • Customer feedbacks (regardless of whether it’s good or bad)
  • Real time visibility of stock numbers across all locations and touch points
  • Real time visibility of merchandise’s and marketing activities’ success rate
  • Use of cloud based data – fast and simple

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