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At the CHIO Aachen World Equestrian Festival, the two winners, Ingrid Klimke and Sandra Auffarth, show how the new SAP prototype based on SAP HANA cloud technology allows fans and riders to better visualize the action on the cross-country course.

I like to show you two things SAP developed ...
During the eventing competition at CHIO Aachen 2014, Olympic Champion Ingrid Klimke and Sandra Auffarth are wearing a data logger, a pulse sensor and a helmet camera on the cross-country course to test an SAP prototype in action: SAP Equestrian Analytics, which is part of a co-innovation project with CHIO Aachen to make the biggest equestrian event in the world a truly digital experience.

Video - German Version - 1:43min

Video - EnglishVersion - 4:29min

The app shows the action on the cross-country course. A camera is fixed to the rider’s helmet. The software tracks individual routes, speed data, time gaps, and heart rates of both the horse and the rider. The data and video are merged in an interface that allows the spectators to experience the action from the rider’s perspective. The individual spectator / viewer became a living part of the experience. SAP also introduced an ongoing trivia contest and a fan scoring app for dressage and vaulting so that CHIO attendees were constantly plugged into the action.

The software has great potential for training and conditioning. SAP is lucky to have German equestrian champion Ingrid Klimke as an adviser. And she says the SAP solution can really make a difference.

And now you can follow Ingrid Klimke's whole race / ride at CHIO Aachen 2014 - Be the rider  :-)

Furthermore SAP launched the SAP Audience Judge to bring fans closer to the action. See what a judge and a stadium speaker have to say about this new technology.

Video - German with English subtitle - 0:52min

I was raising, training and racing sled dogs for about 25 years. And become World Vice Champion twice - but to be honest for such a tool I would be so thankful – to check and to know the pulse and lactate level of my dogs the exact speed, time, and and and would have been so helpful – having everything under control would mean to be better, to be quicker but also important having a much more control and understand for my animal – and as a last consequence to have a healthy animal – which would also mean that my animal will grow old gracefully and more healthily.