Innovation on the railway platform

Innovative Idea by edenspiekermann - ProRail & NS - to improve the boarding process on platforms – In order to make it more comfortable, faster and safer.

We all know and experienced the rush hour at the train station. Where will my railway coach stop? And if I have no reserved seat where do I find an empty seat? Where can I board with a wheel chair, buggy or my bike?

On this platform-long ribbon travelers get all the information they need to prepare themselves for the next incoming train …

Position of …
… entire length
… coaches
… train doors

Information / Status about
… first and second class
… occupancy level indicator (full and available seats)
… disabled ramps

But as I am someone who is always looking for more I like to share with you a perhaps future changing idea.
Ever thought about picking up passengers without a train stop? I am sure you have – but I am also sure you imagined how hurtful that might be.
The next video shows that it might be possible in the future. Travelers board trains through separate cars that latch on.

Designers and entrepreneurs have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is – it’s up to us to change it. Let’s do it.