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It’s no question that touch interfaces, multi-touch technology and gesture recognition has vitally changed the ways how we interact with computers.

At this point I like to mention that I do not really like the expression natural user interface, or NUI - Natural Interface is the common jargon used by designers and developers of human-machine interfaces to refer to a user interface that is effectively invisible, and remains invisible as the user continuously learns increasingly complex interactions – I don’ like it because I firmly believe that it’s not helpful to come up with new jargons as so many people still have issues to understand the actual interfaces – and even experts are using phases only for the reason ‘it sounds great’ or it’s a another innovative thing and in the end it’s just the ‘Emperor's New Clothes’

But back to a great gadget.
From smartphones to tablets, multi-touch devices have become a routine part of our everyday lives. Up to now, there hasn't yet been a universal solution for transforming a standard computer, laptop into a multi-touch experience. I am using touch monitors now for years and but one thing was again and again annoying that I have to change from mouse to keyboard or to the monitor depending what I think might be quicker and easier. We can improve the utility and usability of things and apps but there a still some old but still relevant design rules like Fitts' Law.

Today I saw this video and I like what a Darren Lim and his Colleagues at Ractiv ( ) developed.

It transforms any flat surface into a 3D multitouch surface to control your computer or other screens.

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