Innovative technology to optimize sports - for fans and athlets

The world of sports is changing, with technology innovating every part and area of the fan and athlete, whether the athlete has two or four legs.

These innovations will change and increase the …
… Fun and experience of each fan and athletes

But most of all also the …

  • Athletes’ performance
  • Athletes’ monitoring
  • Team management
  • and so on

Capability characteristics, such as …

  • acceleration
  • speed
  • pulse rate
  • etc.

And when we talk about horses

  • jumping power

Or if we talk about American Football or Soccer / Football …

  • ball contacts
  • runs
  • etc.

are calculated in real-time for individual athletes or the whole team and visualized via an easily configurable user interface.

And if you imagine the data which is collected during a play or a whole game – we are talking about real BIG DATA.

This data is used to personalize training in order to strategically target the strengths and weaknesses of each player and help create the most effective training plan possible. For instance, spatial analytics can be applied to individual and team movement profiles in order to track distances, speed averages and ball possession as well as player tendencies. The information can also be used to help reduce the risk of injury and ultimately boost levels of play.