Omni Channel Commerce - Single via Multi through to Omni Channel Commerce

Running retail, commerce, a sales business today is not really different now than it ever has been. First you have to meet two basic requirements offers which consumers, customer and users need and want and the ability to meet their expectations.
But what has changed and is challenging today is the second point “meeting customer expectations” – Customers expecting more ...
... more customized in a variety of ways
... more often - really 24/7

The reason for this wildfire-of-expectations is that transactions and communication is omnipresent. The growth of touch-points provides customers the ability to reach out to retailers any time, any place, anywhere and through any device. Today's consumers split and bundle their online and offline lives at will, through whatever touchpoint is suitable in the particular moment and the consumer prefers.
They use their mobile devices to discover brands & products and social networks to share their experiences and to get advices from friends or colleagues.
The power of networks permeates everything, because it's how we live and work today.
Let me explain it by an example. Imagine that you are at a railway station and you notice an advertisement for a pair of shoes. You are in a hurry but there is something that grabs your attention, and you stop. You imagine yourself wearing these shoes with your favorite trousers on the next party and you smile.
At this point the story can go various ways, you could walk on and the shoes will fight for recognition with the other thousand things you'll see that day. Or you might take a picture with your phone in order to google the shoes on your own later or you use an app on your device – e.g. an app to scan a barcode or QR code and you might redirected to a mobile-optimized web site. You can see that the shoes are on stock – but will the y really fit? The party will be next weekend. If now the site tells you that these shoes are available in a local store next to you you will smile again. Pretty soon you are on your way to the nearby store to try on the shoes which reserved or bought online using your mobile.

The good news doesn't stop there,
Your customer journey was without hurdles and so you might share your great experience.

We live in 2015 - It's all about Omni Channel Commerce, meeting customer expectations, anytime, anywhere.

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