ALDI NORD / NORTH accept NFC payment for purchases

Aldi has 9,000 stores in 18 countries and is the leading discount supermarket chain in Germany.
And ALDI North (ALDI NORD) expects consumers to be able to use the mobile payment method for in-store purchases from now on, the retailer announced on today (June 9th 2015

NFC - Near-Field-Communication

Innovative technologies such as Near-Field-Communication – NFC –will lead to essential change in the retail world as I mentioned in articles before.

Make good time in the checkout line - Online Payment

From Single via Multi through to Omni Channel Commerce

The NFC chip in either the payment card, credit card etc. or smartphone or any other device securely communicates with the vendor’s electronic device / terminal. At the split of a second the transaction will be approved and the customer is on his way. Both components have to be near to each other, as its name, NFC, implies and both components must be equipped with an NFC chip.

Account details are communicated directly to the contactless terminals and are then processed through the same acceptance network used for regular payment card transactions. Within a fraction of a second after a consumer taps the terminal with their contactless-enabled card or device, they receive payment confirmation and can be on their way.
NFC is an first-rate choice for any vendor, especially in environments where speed and convenience are valued and cash is the dominant payment method, such as supermarkets e.g. as ALDI, quick service Restaurants e.g. drive-thrus, vending machines, parking building, public transport, and fuel pumps.

How it works - brief explanation