Retail will be changed by AR and VR

Online shopping has become ordinary and goes without saying, retailers are still often confused or all too often overwhelmed. Consumers are expecting more and making web purchases more frequently, spending more in a broader range of product categories, and buying more expensive items online.
Over the past two decades the growth of mobile has been unprecedented. Device penetration, and how we have integrated mobile phones into our daily routine, has reshaped entire industries, transformed commerce and impacted our society at all levels.

Retailers have to make the experience as easy and convenient as. With consumers shopping online more frequently and spending more across an increasing number of product categories, retailers that remove as much friction from the online shopping experience as possible will capture the most additional sales.

One important point in the near future will be mobile payment. That varies already from business to business and from country to country – but it will change soon. Consumers will expect flexibility and security payments in the near future.

It’s clear that consumers are experimenting with mobile wallets and apps and are interested by the possibility of mobile possibilities pushing smartphone payments into the mainstream. At the same time, consumers are hesitant to fully embrace mobile payments entirely because of security and privacy concerns. Retailers who embrace mobile payments and convince consumers it’s a safe way to make a purchase might be able to offer the best of both worlds.

Augmented and virtual reality will soon change the way consumers get in touch with products and shop. Retailers will have to increasingly coming up with new ways to make the at home shopping experience as convenient and involving as going to a brick-and-mortar store. Yes it’s still the case that if we talk about virtual reality it’s centered around its impact on the gaming and media industries, but you can be sure that you will have a major impact on how people shop in the near future.

Just a few examples:

Virtual reality will make it easy for consumer to experience and to be engaged with products, try them on, and purchase while also using social media, communicate with others and share experience with others.

The Dell Venue 8 7000 features the world's first integrated Intel RealSense Depth Camera. Three cameras create a high-definition depth map that enables measurement, refocus, and selective filters with a touch of a finger. The technology allows you to refocus images and measure length, width and height to scale with your photos.

In this short video, Pat Bakey, Executive Vice President, General Manager Global Consumer Industries at SAP, explores the challenges retailers are facing today – and offers insight into how SAP is responding with a range of innovations that help simplify and standardize operations. Discover how top retail companies are leveraging Big Data and the power of the SAP Cloud to deliver compelling, personalized shopping experiences.

We as creative partner together with our retail partners we have to explore emerging technology but foresee the risks, chances and potentials. While technology like drones and virtual reality might seem far off, consumers expect them to shape their e-commerce experience in the future. We help retailers to think about how emerging technology might fit into their overall strategies.

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