AGV Visor goes from dark to clear at the push of a button

Since a few weeks I own my first motorcycle helmet with LCD display from AGV. OK it's still no HUD - but it's a very first tiny step.
The Italian helmet maker AGV has unveiled a new motorcycle helmet visor that can go from dark to clear instantly.

In this video I will show show you the new visor from AGV. It uses LCD technology. The extrem thin LCD foil is stuck to the inner visor's surface. The switch button is on the left of the visor.
If you push the button the visor darken to a similar level as we konw it from black racing visors. Pressing the switch button again and the visor instantly return to clear.

AGV says the battery power lasts for about 12 hours in dark mode and my experience up to now are about 10 hours, I tested over night ;-) The batterie is recharged via a micro USB port. If the battery runs out the visor switch automatically to clear.
The AGVisor recharges in about 2hrs , has anti-fog features, and can be fitted to AGV’s Pista GP, Corsa and GT Veloce. In general I wear the size of XXL (from brands like Schuberth and HJC)  but I owned the Corsa in XL and it fits perfect.

I firmly believe that there is quite a lot of untapped potential in HUD Head Up Displays. One year ago I already wrote about HUDs - A head-up displays are much more than a nice feature:

I am currently trying to get a chance to check the Skully Motorcycle Helmet.
As soon as I know more I will keep you in the loop.