Thinking outside the box – seeing things different and to see the bigger picture

Thinking outside the box – seeing things different and to see the bigger picture and not to be restricted in one's thinking is crucial for designers. And to be honest I learned a lot by thinking different for my job and my live. I studied architecure and city planning and I work in both job until I switched to the new media – but I still make use of the things I learned and practiced. And in my spare time I worked and trained horses and sleddogs and became vice world cup champion. And I am happy to become acquainted with Temple Grandin …

We can learn a lot of understand what surounds us – even animals - Chris Packham and BBC explored the remarkable ways animals use their senses. Focusing on dogs, he discovers how their powerful sense of smell creates a bizarre alternative reality. He explored the minds of the cleverest animals on the planet, discovered the astonishing abilities of the best, and most unlikely, animal problem-solvers on the planet, crows. He witnessed a remarkable world first as they solved the most complicated animal-puzzle ever completed. And he uncovered the extraordinary range of animal intelligence - bees which navigate, cockatoos which pick locks and a brilliantly ingenious octopus. The third episode focuses on one of the cleverest animals of all, the dolphin. Swimming with a pod of dolphins in the Bahamas, Chris explored their language and sees how they can recognise themselves in the mirror. He also witnessed the duplicity of chimps and in a moving scene, watches elephants mourn their dead.

You Are What You Sense
Inside the Animal Mind - Episode 1 of 3

The Problem Solvers
Inside the Animal Mind Episode 2 of 3

Secrets of the Social World
Inside the Animal Mind Episode 3 of 3