Head-up displays (HUD) much more than nice features - part 2

You may have read my former post or another article about existing “heads-up displays” (HUDs) or upcoming technology for cars or motorcycle helmets, where information is projected onto the windshield or visor as you drive.

Most often these system display speed and other technical information of the vehicle. And also they show you information of communication and messaging systems - in coming calls, emails or social media. Site note from myself at that point - in a car I would be to a certain degree fine with such information but in general when I ride my bike - as time changed and perhaps I got old :-) I love to focus on riding and listening to the sound of my 103 cubic inch HD V-Twin engine ;-) - but back to HUDs ...

The scope of possible helpful information is long related to …

... vehicle:

  • speed
  • tire pressure
  • oil temperature and levels
  • selected gear
  • and fuel level
  • and other dashboard components

... trip:

  • navigational assistance
  • legal speed limit
  • traffic conditions
  • road construction sites

... safty:

  • lane change alerts
  • distance alert
  • environment and weather data

... communication:

  • incoming calls and making calls
  • email notifications
  • social media

Often these systems are aimed to display multiple data - most of the systems for for motorcycle helmet’s visors provide rear view options - and exactly at this point I am not sure whether it’s needed. Several benefits are offered by this technology, which are expected to drive the growth of the head-up display market in the future and has already started and is growing fast. But the more I think about head up displays the more I see visual information and visual noice and distraction by this kind of interfaces. Several researchs by AAA, the American Automobile Association, the ADAC the analogue in Germany

Research warning that HUDs may result in too much distraction for drivers and a subsequent loss of adequate concentration at times of crisis.

I firmly believe that we as individuals and from generation to generation we grow with our abilities and challenges. And if I as a motorcyclist would get information about for instance heavy rain in a certain district by my navigation system it would be a great thing.

I really think that HUDs will make our roads a little bit safer by keeping drivers from fumbling with their smartphones while driving.
Or motorcyclist even having to look down at their often small and complex instruments and small mirrors. With the projected image on their visor the rider / driver is able to keep his eyes on the road.

What is given is that whether we talk about VA (virtual reality) or hands-free technologies they affect the cognitive part of our brains. Every data, every interaction especially if it comes out of nowhere increase a driver’s cognitive workload - asks for attention - needs to take into context … and and and

The challenge for HUD technology is to display information onto the driver’s field of view without creating a distraction - I am very very curious where we will heading to.


BMW presents concepts for motorcycle laser light and helmet with head-up display. Innovative technologies for increased motorcycle safety: Press Release Jan 2016

Skully and its video gives a great idea what is possible:

Livemaps offers an unique hi-tech motorbike helmet with built-in navigation system and voice controlled interface.

Nuviz says that they offer a HUD for any motorcycle helmet

Bikesystems offers BIKEHUD - it is integrated into the helmet and motorcycle of choice: http://www.bike-hud.com/

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Head-up displays (HUD) much more than nice feature