Head-up displays (HUD) much more than nice features - part 3

HUD visors for motorcycle helmets are still very much in its prototype stage, even that the Skully AR1 (http://www.skully.com/), Reevu MSX1 (http://www.reevu.com/motorsports/view-the-rv-msx1/) are available - they are all just first steps - but as I mentioned in my last post - I firmly believe that we have to grow and collect experience with these interfaces.

Screenshot of the Visor view

I already mentioned BMW's approach - here is a video by BMW.

This video gives us an idea what could be possible in the near future. In essence, the HUD helmet integrates your usual dash equipment with smart technology, offering you access to things like your GPS, your mobile phone and a whole host of other functions that you can access, control and observe in front of your very eyes.

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