Nuviz HUD is finally ready for the road

HUD stands for Head-Up Display – Let me summarize what is meant with HUD in two sentences – HUDs are showing information via a translucent display. These displays allows the viewer to get information without looking away from the environment or things in front of the viewer. This technic of displaying information on a translucent surface has been used in fighter jets since years. And we see this technology since a while more and more in cars in which the data is projected onto the windshield.

And now there is a HUD device for motorcycle riders.

After years of talk, promises of various start-ups the first-ever Head-Up Display for a motorcycle helmet is finally about to hit the market.

After investing in Skully and losing my money – another crowdfunded project did what they promised the Nuviz HUD is finally ready for the road and ready to ship and at $699 in July 2017

- Let's just hope it's been worth it. And I am more than curious to see it and test it.

What I found out is that the Nuviz head-up display offers four main functions

  • GPS-based Navigation – what is btw. My main interest
  • Phone
  • Music
  • Photo and Video

The Nuviz HUD will be attached on the right side of the helmet’s chinbar. Its display will be visible in the lower right corner of the motorcycle driver’s field of vision. The installation of the earpieces and microphone should be standard operating procedure for everyone who ever used an in-helmet communications system.
The Nuviz unit which you assemble on your helmet’s chinbar comes with a controller which you can mount to your motorcycle’s handlebar - You cannot use the Nuviz without the controller. The small, round controller looks very well designed – I am curious whether it will be easy to handle with gloves. The Nuviz handlebar-mounted controller is permanently paired to the HUD device / display via Bluetooth.
Data can be stored on a Micro SD card that slots into the device. It's being powered by the kind of Qualcomm quad-core processor you'd find nestled inside a smartphone. The controller is powered by a large watch-type flat battery. And the HUD device is powered by a replaceable and rechargeable 3,250 mAh Li-ion battery. Nuviz mentions that it allows you to keep NUVIZ powered for up to 8hours.
Btw NUVIZ is cooperating with KTM and Husqvarna. And there are rumors that BMW is also quite far with its HUD device / helmet.

And here is a great review:

Well as said – I am curious to see it live and test it.

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