Google Keep - First view on Google's note-taking service

I used a number of software or apps – but after a certain time I have grown somewhat unhappy with the one or another app and interface. But lately I come across Google Keep and examined it and what should I say - I have been very impressed – and the people who knows me – know it’s not that easy to impress me :-) And it might become my new app to collect and manage all of my notes.

My first impression was – that it looks really clean and simple - with options to noting down text, recording audio, embedding photos and populating lists. And that’s a point where most note taking tools already fail. Most note-taking apps take a "more is more" approach and present a complicated conglomeration of navigation, submenus, features, and options – hey man I have an idea. And take the note here and now and not after clicking around. So my main need is to take a note quickly and finding notes.

How quickly can I enter a note or find my note whether that's on any of my mobile devices or whether that's on the desktop – and as you can expect it from Google there is a search input field at the center of the UI. And to start taking a note there is no need to click on a ‘plus’ icon or selecting a menu – on the desktop you have in input field at the top on mobile at the bottom.

What I loved from the beginning was and is the deep and native integration with other Google services. I can create a note in Keep and then tell the app to remind me about it at a specific time or when I'm at a certain location e.g. my grocery, butcher, bakery reminding me on my shopping list. Times and dates are handled intuitive, with selections like "next Monday" and "evening" when it comes to organizing schedules.

As said before Google Keep is clean and simple and free, decent, fairly minimal, and works without any fuss on most devices. I like it ;-)