UX at Las Vegas casinos [Natasha Schull | Gel 2008]

You all know I'm firm believer that UX planning and design is helpful in every part of our live and projects. And that we should pay attention to our customers, users, ... - their likes, dislikes, moods and patterns. That every person is in possession of different roles in different circumstances. And there is more than just the "one" work field we often aware of ...
Please watch Natasha Schull's speech from Gel 2008.
Anyone who does customer-centered work should give this talk some thought. What's more important, the ends or the means? You may be the greatest user researcher in the world, but what if you're asked to apply those skills to an end you don't believe in?
She's based at MIT and studies the "gaming industry" - specifically, the companies that design slot machines for use in Las Vegas, among other places.

Natasha Schüll at Gel 2008 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.