Great speaker at the UXweek09 in Frisco this September

I am delighted to report that Dr. Temple Grandin will be a speaker at the UX Week 2009 September 15-18 in San Francisco.

Those people who know me, know me for being a practical person, not somebody up there in the clouds wishing further ideology to descend on businesses, but somebody who sees the real advantages for the persons in the improvement of interfaces, orientation systems and workplaces.
We have to know and we have to understand the people who should interact with our "world" - a world of information and function and so many individual circumstances and situations. - This world is growing rapidly - Sometimes I think too quick and sometimes too slow - but that's a different, another topic.
And by the way - And yes - Those who know me a little better, are aware of my psychological interest in behavior, cultures and so on of human being and animals -
My girl friend and I live together very closely with our animals: our dogs and horses live freely on our property. And it's quite interesting to study their social standards and behaviour - and to see parallels to human beings.

Everyone who knows me well will know that I strongly believe that responsibility means to have a look over the edge.
So I strongly recommend you to listen to Dr. Temple Grandin - She is really great!
And I also recommend the books of Dr. Temple Grandin to everyone developing user interfaces on a professional level or to whom who are interested in psychology .