Understanding for and of social interacting, networking and computing

We all have our own vision and understanding of collaborative working in information “worlds”.
A vision that involves collaboration …
… between various persons and departments,
… around different aims, tasks and interests,
… linking different forms of content, functions and context,
… around various forms of information from documents to projects,
but in the perspective of a framework designed / planned to have a high regard for business and IT requirements. Particularly in the case of enterprise worlds it’s a powerful and often unexplored topic.

Aren’t there again and again discussions via e-mail or chats during a rest with valuable ideas and thoughts? I won’t take them away – I won’t record them – but wouldn’t it be great to share the ideas and the knowledge? Let us benefit from the bottom up creativity and potentials. We should encourage and push invention, creativity and development by the sharing of knowledge and information resources. We should all have a sense for the critical pockets of knowledge and expertise contained by people or groups in the enterprise and network.

In this fast growing world we need more and more efficient ways collaborating and solving problems. And aren’t we spending too much time trying to track down the current experts on a certain topic within the enterprise or network?

A key factor in promoting innovation is creating a culture and infrastructure to strengthen and increase collaboration across limits of departments, working areas and throughout the whole enterprise.

Elements of social interacting, networking and computing, the common term for such technologies on the Internet is Web 2.0, and, in the enterprise setting, Enterprise 2.0, are already finding their way into a growing number of enterprises.
In a business environment, blogs, foren and discussion boards can help foster a culture of sharing capability and knowledge rather than just storing and gathering.

All these functions and tools can help users locate and link up with a widespread network of groups, departments and single specialists and experts on the one hand and on the other a system of knowledge pools and think tanks.

If you like I can help you and your companies explore the alternatives and realize the collaboration solution that is right for your organization’s goals and needs. And if you like to learn more about services and solutions you should check out the white paper of Microsoft - Social_Computing_in_the_Enterprise.pdf.

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