Words vs. Communication

I do not know whether you know it, but ...
everyone who knows me will know this sentence: "Words are unfit to communicate!"
Because words are just signs. They are just vehicles / carts to transport identities, values and meanings. But these characteristics aren't part of the word itself - because everyone of us has different experience and put this words into or out of different context, We have no fixed standards and interpretations to understand the word - Every person is different and has its very own typical unique interpretation and understanding.
There are always the sender and recipient. The sender has to code is thoughts, ideas and message into word and than the recipient will have to decode these words. And in best case both have the same "understanding" without any lack.
I always use the example "apple". If I say: "I bought an apple this morning!
What kind of apple was yours?
A green one? ... a red one? ... sweet? ... sour? ... Granny Smith? ... Cox's Orange? ... Golden Delicious? or was it a computer or phone? Or something else? You see there was "real" no communication!

If you are interested in communication or words - as much as I'm ...
... you should listen to Erin McKean ...
... view her awesome TED talk from 2007:

... and to Tom Wujec

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Erin McKean is one of an entire range of great speakers at the UXweek in San Francisco (September 15-18)

... I would be there but my budget is limited ;-) ... but I really believe it will be a great week / event!

More about Erin McKean - Read her books on words:

Check out her blogs: Verbatim, Dictionary Evangelist, Dress A Day
Explore new words at Wordnik.com


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