Touchpoint - Interactive Window

Some things change rapidly, a lot remains the same and that’s what our world was, is and ever will be.
The growth of mobile has already happened and is going on. And important elements for us are the touchpoints.
If we talk about touchpoints in the consumer journey nowadays – their number, diversity and variety of sources are increasing on and on. When I am taking about touchpoints – I am talking about the point, the situation, the context where you have to trigger attention and have to show the next possible, useful step to learn more about your product and service.

To prepare for these new touchpoints and the changing behavior you should care about ...

  • Omni- and ever-present touchpoints
  • Using cloud technology - using a mix of devices
  • Personalization - Permission based profiling
  • Collaborated and social aspects
  • Seamless consumer experience
  • Real time offers and fulfillment

You have to understand the whole data and service around your products and services as one thing provided by cloud technology and represented context sensitive and relevant by various devices everywhere and anytime triggered by situations and products.

To forge a new path, you have to be one of the first. Discover the innovative world of omni-channel retail! And catch your consumers’ attention and awareness where you can and where it’s relevant and meaningful for the consumer.

Let me show you a few great examples of interactive windows ...

eBay Inc. and Westfield Labs Partner With Rebecca Minkoff, Sony and Toms

eBay Inc. and Westfield Labs partnered with retailers Rebecca Minkoff, Sony and TOMS to power a trio of digital storefronts in the Westfield shopping mall in San Francisco.

Adidas NEO Window Shopping Concept

Adidas NEO is taking window shopping to a new level with an interactive digital window concept that connects to your smartphone. Now it is possible to shop at the Adidas store after hours without an app or scanning a QR code.
By typing in the special URL shoppers can connect their smartphone to the window and take control of a virtual shopping bag. Any product dropped into the window's shopping bag instantly appears on your mobile ready to save, purchase or share with friends.


The Ring Input Device Puts Gesture Control And Home Automation On Your Finger

Pizza Hut Testing Futuristic Table

It is a Pizza Hut and Chaotic Moons Studio concept and allows you to 'sign in' to your table using your smartphone and then create a fully customized, individual pizza. The guest can design his favorite pizza - from the crust size to the toppings. A countdown clock keeps track of how long the pizza will take to cook once the pizza has been finally designed.

Urban Interfaces

Woman's Hair Interacts with Subway Trains in Swedish Pharmacy Ad

shop window

Product catalog /  real estate

Nike's Kinect-Powered Window Displays Are Watching You

Nike, like many others, has gotten creative with their window displays by adding Kinect-powered interactivity for fun movement in their displays, attracting the average passerby.

Unexpected experience 

Coke Zero challenged unsuspecting train passengers to unlock the 007 in them for their chance to win exclusive tickets for the new James Bond movie SKYFALL.
However, the exclusive tickets weren't free. People had to go the extra mile and unlock their inner 007 in less than 70 seconds to win.

A New Car UI

How touch screen controls in cars should actually work

What the future of tech might looks like ...

This video by Microsoft portrays a unique and interesting idea of what they think the future of tech is and what company's all around the world would like to achieve by 2019. Some say that this is too optimistic for 2019, and that even though technology is developing quickly only a small proportion of the initial ideas will be successfully accomplished at some undefined point in 2019.

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