Thoughts about staying in touch and making use of social live and digital opportunities ... while social distancing and Corona - 1st

Almost overnight, the coronavirus has changed everything about the way people all over the world are supposed to interact.
Almost as quickly, those living under stay-at-home orders here and beyond have should make use of new ways to provide some semblance of normalcy.
There may be limited physical contact, but there’s a lot of online living going on or we can try out.

The in-person togetherness especially the accidental and casual meeting we often take or took for granted is now something we miss.
the digital togetherness could even remotely stand in for the real thing and is now more than something of a welcome surprise
It might not be the same as gathering at the neighborhood dive, the restaurant around the corner, or what- or wherever, but it’s better than nothing.

As the days of isolation stretch on, more people are turning to ...
WhatsApp (
Slack ( )
Zoom (
MS Teams (
Twitch (
Discord (
FaceTime (
... to do the things they’ve always done in person.

Let try it out and give ...
live streaming
virtual meetings
live-stream workout
virtual breakfast, lunch and dinner appointments
... a trial

What about hosting a 'dinner party' from time to time.
Interested or curious? I like to sharing a few tips with you below, but remember that this isn’t about following rules or making it perfect.
Have fun, connect with people you like, love, or miss.

  • Prepare yourself and give a helping hand to your guests
  • Let your friends, guests, people show up when the want - We all know being on time would be best - but it's not business it should be fun, but you are right having everyone joined from the beginning / having each and everyone on the call when you start the 'dinner' would be awesome, but if one or two has to finishing work, let them text you and join in later on. 
  • Get out of your cookie-pant or pajamas and dress up make it special / different
  • Don’t worry or nag over what the other might cook - even a virtual 'joint' pizza order might be fun.
  • Or what about setting a theme for the party! Try a ‘70s or ‘80s dinner party? Or turn your dinner into a full game night e.g.  Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Again and again, people spoke about reconnecting with others. Now you have a very good reason to invited friends from where ever they might live
 — even your mom :-) — to a virtual tea time or your virtual birthday party.

Embrace the power of imperfect solutions. Don’t worry about solving everything, just solve something. And stay in touch with the things and persons you love or miss.

And don't forget ...
Wash your hands as if you just sliced a bag of jalapeno peppers.
Panic is paralyzing, so focus on taking positive steps in your, in our life.
Stay safe.