The fast e-commerce growth. Formula 1, not golf.

It’s no secret that the introduction of new technology is rapidly changing life, businesses, and retail . And it’s also no secret that still the mass of business providers and vendors are still confused and irritated what to do – how to figuring out how to use these technologies to their advantage to better understand customers and get ahead of trends and evolution.

Using Online services has reached a crucial tipping point just two of thousand consumers stating they never used an online service or shopped online. Up to 55 % of consumers shop online at least once a month depending on the region. These numbers are demonstrating a major opportunity for retailers who have strategies in place to generate revenue across channels.

No matter who you are or what you do mobile is our and your pivotal factor and element to get ahead. I am sure that you are aware of the devices and services which Amazon launch in the last few days and weeks. In April Amazon introduced Amazon Dash ( ).
Well and now we have the new Amazon phone, it's called Firefly, and it contains image-, text- and audio-recognition technology to help you scan and identify books, songs, movies and other items, which is intended to make it easy to buy stuff from Amazon. It comes with a 3D display system. And I am sure you'll either love or hate it. But in any case – using such dynamic perspective technologies – there will always a learning curve since 3D effects will take time to get used to.

As well as the use of the Amazon Dash is limited to the Bay Area, the Fire Phone is only available in the US, exclusively on AT&T's (T, Tech30) network.
Firefly is the core technology that most represent the Amazon approach. To put into a nutshell Firefly is Shazam for everything – It can search and find movies, down to the scene, by scanning the audio, in situation as we all know ‘What was it again’ ‘which movie or actor?’ and for sure helping us purchase that movie - on the one hand great on the other hand not really new. A few years ago, Google introduced almost the same - Google Shopper. It could, like many other shopping apps, scan bar codes, but the smartest feature was its ability to scan objects and find matches. It worked primarily with books, CDs and DVD covers.

Google Shopper: 

The phone even has built-in Mayday, the single-click support solution that lets users work with a remote tech support representative to solve problems with their Amazon’s HDX tablet.