Will this be Amazon's Miracle on 34th Street? - Amazon is going to open its first brick-and-mortar store

To be honest for me it's a surprise move of Amazon - the one who critically endangered so many local stores and businesses by its aggressive online business behavior and strategy.

But as I said before e-commerce is and will not killing brick-and-mortar - but it will change the whole understanding and it will be an ongoing process of change. Consumers still, and always will, want a shopping experience where they can touch, feel and play with products before they purchase – particularly when it come to things like fashion - tactile perception and wearing comfort. And we should not forget that even online has changed and increased the experience and expectation of shoppers, research shows again and again that the customers still love the convenience and services that come with shopping items in-person. And the vendors should never forget, giving customers a great in store shopping experience and service and even it's just a pick-up service and the local vendor and the local sales associate should never ever underestimate

the option to sell additional products in a physical location - the local store ahs so much more opportunities to sell other products the customer would also like to buy - and for cross-selling and up-selling - or just get rid of shelf warmers and leftovers ;-)

The retail market is in a state of flux. Vendors and business have to move quickly and employing new delivery options all the time in order to keep up with growing customer demands. Bricks-and-mortar stores are becoming more like micro fulfillment centers, and retailers are embracing ship-from-store more than ever before, because for certain products it’s more profitable to fulfill the order that way. And now Amazon was forced to act, they need to have a bricks-and-mortar presence to fulfill these expectation of consumers as quickly as consumers' demand, and to do so profitably.

But if I think about companies like Walmart, Target, etc. I wonder and I am looking forward to see how Amazon will compete and succeed by having real physical stores?

Many players are now on the playground with different backgrounds are now running now together toward the same trends: local & practical services, click and collect, appointment booking for privileged instore experiences.

We will see how good Amazon will be in the local market.

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