The back of the napkin

It is safe to say - it is one of the smallest book of its size, I bought for a long long time.
But so small it is relating to its size so big and great it's relating to its power and quality.

I really hope a lot of young (and older) designers will really read it and heed it.

BTW - Did I already mention that I am a firm believer that words are unfit to communicate.
I always use the example "apple". If I say: "I bought an apple this morning!

What kind of apple was yours?
A green one? ... a red one? ... sweet? ... sour? ... Granny Smith? ... Cox's Orange? ... Golden Delicious? or was it a computer or phone?
Or something else? You see there was no communication!

Or do you remember the story of southwest airlines?

The book is really getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere and business circles and I want to share with you a video on the topic of using visuals to understand / to describe the world.