Study of Visual Aesthetics in HCI

The Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz Center for Informatics published a interesting study of visual aesthetics in human-computer interaction.
  • The role of visual aesthetics in creating initial familiarity
  • The effect of brand on the perception of web-sites aesthetics
  • The beauty dilemma
  • If it is beautiful, we should trust it: Practical implications of studying the relation of appeal to distrust in web sites
  • Software aesthetics: from text and diagrams to interactive spaces
  • Product aesthetics
  • Bridging the arts and sciences: A framework for the psychology of aesthetics
  • Five things I believe about the aesthetics of interaction design
  • Visual aesthetics and the user experience
  • The relationship between beauty and perceived usability is wholly mediated by goodness
  • On the impossibility of avoiding aesthetics in human-computer interaction
  • Visual aesthetics and task performance
  • The impact of prototypicality during first impressions: towards a better understanding of affective and cognitive components during aesthetic Perception
  • Towards a theory of design quality judgement (including aesthetics)
  • Aesthetics of Mundane Interactions
This study gives a quite good explanation of these topics - short and crisp - a useful study to gain access ... read the PDF