Thoughts about good design and good business

I do not know whether you know it, but ...
Design is an approach for displaying and organizing arranging content and functions in such a way as best to make a specific idea real. One thing that media products and sports have in common is how many different abilities and proficiencies are required.
There are individual performing decathletes that have so pretty much abilities in just one single person. But to find a creative person with so deep and broad talents is hardly ever – but we often meet persons who tell us he is the new Daley Thompson or she is “Marie CollonvillĂ©”.
But most inventions and creations are the result of work by many individual experts of different people. Last but not least there is no sport which is a one-man-show. There are always persons behind and beside. There are specific skilled team-players on the team needed.
They all have to work as one. I strongly believe in the sentence: “There is no I in the word team!” … and I also really believe there is no “I” in the meaning or spirit of “team”
It takes a lot of collaboration to keep everyone’s effort in sync. And we should always be aware of the question: “Are we all playing the same game and run in the same direction?” There are always various ways, strategies and procedures to make the touchdown. To get us into the position having these various opportunities we need a strong and powerful quarterback. And on each position we need great professionals.
Each team member should have the holistic picture of the strategy (Did I mentioned you need or should have a strategy – for small applications like microsites it might be unwritten and just a common understanding or agreement - but for complex applications like portal pages, knowledge management products and or intranets it have to be a written and signed document ).
Such a design strategy is not just about business factors. It’s about a holistic, multi-faceted approach to clients’ challenges that covers business, users, markets, technology, content and context on different levels. The value of design strategy is showing how everything is connected to everything. The strategy is always one important part of the “red thread” – it’s often the first part, but it’s just the first step. TBC :-)