Growth in m-commerce today

What we’re observing is a significant shift in the way people buy products online. As already mentioned in one of my latest articles: Shaping Future eCommerce

Customers are not only using their mobile devices looking for data and searching and comparing prices of products, they are using their mobile to buy when and where they want to. This means consecutive that your service and application or website needs to be optimized and responsive for this particular channel of mobile commerce, and that your information on your website is up-to-date and easily accessible for mobile use - easy to load - easy to read - easy to use..

The uses of mobile devices are continually on-the-go. And you will have to grow and change and adapt, much like the digital landscape continues to on a much greater scale. It is important to observe and understand the market, your customers, clients and user and act fast on them, in order to connect with consumers over a format and device that they are relying on at an increasing rate. Here are the latest numbers of the mobile use by comScore :

1 in 7 European smartphone owners engage in M-Commerce transactions

36.6 Million European smartphone owners take pictures of a product while in a retail store

Retail site visits via smartphone differ considerably across Europe

source: comScore MobiLens


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