You only have stores because there was no Internet ... What you fear will come much faster

During a speech at the annual summit of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), an industry network of some 400 retailers and big brands from 70 countries, Oliver Samwer  (German brothers Oliver, Marc and Alexander Samwer are among Europe's most successful internet entrepreneurs. German entrepreneurs who founded Alando and Jamba!) said: "You only have stores because there was no Internet, but that does not mean there is a right to have a store," Samwer said, adding that traditional retailers focused too much on older shoppers and not enough on smartphone-savvy youngsters.  "What you fear will come much faster," he warned.

Mobility and autonomy is changing the way business runs. And that’s with a tremendously fast speed. The change from a wired to a wireless world is proving to be almost as radical as the shift from horses to automobiles. (perhaps that’s the reason why I recall the quote by  Henry Ford so often in the last years … "If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have asked for a better horse" – when I talk to clients and stakeholders – I hear what they are saying but I have the impression to hear the words: ‘We need quicker horses or just a new saddle and stirrup irons’

And that’s the point I agree with Oliver Samwer. It’s not enough to fine-tune a few parameters or to adjust a few things – these days are gone.  But I disagree with him that offline shops are dinosaurs. I firmly believe that mobility is and will not killing brick-and-mortar - but the changing business models will hurt some, while others will burgeon. And it should be crystal clear for most of the business that it's not a question of either or for most of the business it will be both.

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Mobile is with us every day everywhere. It’s the first thing we see when we wake up and the last thing we look at before we fall asleep.

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