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New and different - Video Experiences

For a moment I thought, well I've seen this about ten times already, but its a nice and catchy song so I played it again anyway. Honda has worked with Vimeo to create a full page takeover insync with the video.

Check this out > Honda Let It Shine TVC

The Making of of "Let it Shine" Honda Insight

By the way - there are so many things we can do increasing the experience and appearance of video on the PC, mobile app or urban live - have u seen :

the Warrio Land YouTube Experience

"in men we trust"

What is so frightened to designers to use grids, patterns ...

What the heck is so frightened to designers to use grids, patterns, modules and elements (components) or frameworks?
I hold a degree in architecture and town planning. And as an architect I never heard the critic “architecture is boring and uncreative just because we use grids, patterns, modules and elements (components) and frameworks.” – Yes sometimes it’s true, some buildings have basements, have walls and roofs – but have no architecture, … no character, no … what ever! These building are just buildings, just house – a lot of people have to live and work in such houses.
In these cases the tool (grid, software or the pencil) isn’t the culprit. The guilty person is the one who “designed” or developed this piece of bricks and concrete. He couldn’t handle his tools.
Over and over again our client thinks he has the final briefing in his hands. Often he can tell us WHAT he likes to get - But not WHY.
Even when you know the why and what - Marking out or classifying how or where to start can…

UE – roles and structures – and the iterative evaluation processes

In this post I’ll call attention to one, of various, way to define some organizational roles relevant to UE and the iterative development.
I would like to appoint these roles to appropriate people and organize them into the overall structure of a development process.
I’ve described one possible development process in my first article on Boxes and Arrows – Here are the links to the article "UX Design-Planning isn’t an one-man-show" and this is the link to a high resolution gif of a possible UXD schedule.

What I'll describe in this article is not the only way to do this, but it is one useful way that has been successful in my experience.
A role is a set of particular and precise responsibilities. Bear in mind in the following article that roles are abstract and as such do necessarily keep up a correspondence to individual people and characters. That is, one person can take on more than one role within a given project and also across projects. And more than one person c…

What's Happening ...

Right now, its all happening: bands streaming, friends twittering, couples flirting. See more Now at

Gestural Entertainment Center

Conference Phone Concept by Kicker Studio (San Francisco CA)

Anyone who has worked in a corporate environment has one day laughed at the super-expensive conference phone that sucks *and* costs a bomb. Kickerstudio has been working on that concept to change that hard reality. It tries to solve the most common issues and here's their (partial) list:

Synchronizes with calendars and contacts for one-tap dialing Quickly see who's talking on a signal and who wants to speak "Hand Raising" to indicate a desire to speak Recording and marking of calls Multi-line dialing Adjusting individual lines for the best overall conference signal quality

I like how easy it is to dial everyone in, thanks to the pre-recorded contact info (with photo ID, see in the full post). Now let's hope that that will turn into a product. More info at

Web Trend Map 4 - Final Beta

Hi friends,
Since a very long time ago my browser-startpage is the web trends startpage

Information Architects has released the final beta for the fourth iteration of its awesome Web Trends Map series.


This is once again a great visualization of current Internet trends, and how companies and individuals fit into it.

The Web Trend Map is a yearly publication by iA Inc. It maps the 333 most influential Web domains and the 111 most influential internet people onto the Tokyo Metro map. Domains are carefully selected by the iA research team through dialogue with map enthusiasts. Each domain is evaluated based on traffic, revenue, age and the company that owns it. The iA design team assigns these selected domains to individual stations on the Tokyo Metro map in ways that complement the characters of each.

Oh, and in case you like it and you want to buy a printed version, they’re only making and selling 1,000 of them, so be quick.

Future practice interview of Kristina Halvorson and Louis Rosenfeld

Great talk about what content strategy is. Content strategy plans for the creation, delivery, and maintenance of content.
Read the whole interview >

Study of Visual Aesthetics in HCI

The Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz Center for Informatics published a interesting study of visual aesthetics in human-computer interaction.
The role of visual aesthetics in creating initial familiarityThe effect of brand on the perception of web-sites aestheticsThe beauty dilemmaIf it is beautiful, we should trust it: Practical implications of studying the relation of appeal to distrust in web sitesSoftware aesthetics: from text and diagrams to interactive spacesProduct aestheticsBridging the arts and sciences: A framework for the psychology of aestheticsFive things I believe about the aesthetics of interaction designVisual aesthetics and the user experienceThe relationship between beauty and perceived usability is wholly mediated by goodnessOn the impossibility of avoiding aesthetics in human-computer interactionVisual aesthetics and task performanceThe impact of prototypicality during first impressions: towards a better understanding of affective and cognitive components during ae…

Mercedes-Benz “Narnia”. The Making Of