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Google Keep - First view on Google's note-taking service

I used a number of software or apps – but after a certain time I have grown somewhat unhappy with the one or another app and interface. But lately I come across Google Keep and examined it and what should I say - I have been very impressed – and the people who knows me – know it’s not that easy to impress me :-) And it might become my new app to collect and manage all of my notes.

My first impression was – that it looks really clean and simple - with options to noting down text, recording audio, embedding photos and populating lists. And that’s a point where most note taking tools already fail. Most note-taking apps take a "more is more" approach and present a complicated conglomeration of navigation, submenus, features, and options – hey man I have an idea. And take the note here and now and not after clicking around. So my main need is to take a note quickly and finding notes.

How quickly can I enter a note or find my note whether that's on any of my mobile devices…