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No lines. No checkout. - with Amazon Go

I am pretty sure almost everybody had already thought about how cool it might be to walk into a store, taking all the goods you need, and then just leaving the store and making the checkout without having to do any transactions and standing in the line – well Amazon is calling it “just walk out technology” – or better to remember Amazon Go Amazon Go is coming early 2017 – the location of the first store will be at 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, Washington.

Test users have already testing the store. Amazon is outlining currently the basic details, but I don’t have the full picture and process yet.

Amazon tells it will be fairly simple for the customer. The customer only walk into the store, scans and get recognized by his mobile device. A cart will be created automatically and the customer can collect his goods – that easy.

We all know the ideas of Walmart in the US and Globus and Metro in Germany – they used an actual cart and a scanner. They used either a bar code scanner or RFID scanner. …