Two talks by Roger Martin - Design vs. Business

Help – How, When and what ...

2nd to 4th day of the UXintensive - Washington DC

1st short Review of the UXintensive Event in Washington DC

Why personas matter and how to utilise ...

Why and how to use Personas - Comic by Brad Colbow

Beyond advertising

The Art of Community - Now Available For Free

Great presentation by Jonathan Jarvis

User behavior of mobile devices and apps

MS Surface at the new Hard Rock Cafe

Visions - upcoming and current capabilities

POI and pedestrian navigation apps for the iPhone 3GS

Capacitive Touchscreens from Atmel - maXTouch

New Search Opportunities

Ray Kurzweil - Talk about Singularity University


Card Sorting

Significance of UCD, IA and UE (User centered utility and usability)

“criteria ” for UCD, UXD and UXP

Explain things in plain words and sketches

Words vs. Communication

My new mobile device? The HTC Hero?

Book - Search User Interfaces

Understanding for and of social interacting, networking and computing