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You cannot NOT communicate - even with yourself

Paul Watzlawick’s first axiom of communication is:
“You cannot not communicate. Every behavior is a kind of communication. Because behavior does not have a counterpart (there is no anti-behavior), it is not possible not to communicate.”

We all know this quote and that there is
verbal-communicationand non-verbal communication

face 2 face  or  interface 2 face communication is divisible into
words and dictionand vocal toneand body language

To communicate or NOT to communicate
Is not a matter of accident

What matters most is the message
how the message is presented
And the impact of the message

And I am sure if you like this talk you will like this BBC’s documentary:

and this article I wrote before 'How to Make Better Decisions'

Volkswagen’s new website puts users’ needs first

Today I came across the new Volkswagen website – it seems to me that VW quietly launches its new consumer website. And I like it. What I like most at the new is the non-linear browsing and shopping flow. Consumers can find cars through a variety of search capabilities. And what I haven’t seen before in such great way is opportunity that the user can find cars near them that match their needs by specifying desired features. Volkswagen's website combines the buying and configuring tools at each stage of the shopping process, allowing consumers to shop for the features they want, and view a variety of cars available at dealerships near them.

They launched a website which is totally simple, reducing clicks, and I would say they managed it focusing on getting people to real cars fast. A great different way to provide a configurator.

In this connection it shouldn't be forgotten to emphasize that the Volkswagen ’s new consumer website not only offers a more t…