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Collaborative B2B Decision-making

It’s clear sales at all is becoming more complex – most of my clients and colleagues are just thinking about B2C when I mention topics like social shopping and collaborative decision making – but don’t miss the fact that if we are talking about B2B market buying decisions there is in general no sole responsibility of one person.

The steps of a B2B purchase process (cross-company or cross-departmental) concisely said are …
Recognizing that the company has a need that can be solved by purchasing a good or serviceDescribing and quantifying the needSearch for qualified vendorsSending each vendor a request for proposalEvaluating of the submitted proposals of the vendorsNegotiating or renegotiate of offersSelecting one or more vendorsDefining and establishing an order routineConducting a postpurchase evaluation and feedback to the vendors
and these steps will vary whether the buyer is a
First purchaserDaily buyerPeriodic buyerRecurrentResellerBulk buyer

If we talk about personalization and t…

Touchpoint - Interactive Window

Some things change rapidly, a lot remains the same and that’s what our world was, is and ever will be.
The growth of mobile has already happened and is going on. And important elements for us are the touchpoints.
If we talk about touchpoints in the consumer journey nowadays – their number, diversity and variety of sources are increasing on and on. When I am taking about touchpoints – I am talking about the point, the situation, the context where you have to trigger attention and have to show the next possible, useful step to learn more about your product and service.

To prepare for these new touchpoints and the changing behavior you should care about ...

Omni- and ever-present touchpointsUsing cloud technology - using a mix of devicesPersonalization - Permission based profilingCollaborated and social aspectsSeamless consumer experienceReal time offers and fulfillment

You have to understand the whole data and service around your products and services as one thing provided by cloud …