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Retail - Right - Now ...

It bears repeating, but we are living in a changing and challenging retail landscape. Consumers no longer behave and interact with the store as their one and only touch point. They do not distinguish their shopping, brand, or whatever experience – customers perceive the online, mobile, brick-and-mortar, visual, textual, verbal experience as one – And if you fail at one point or in other words you put your customer’s nose out of joint at one important point it will affect your whole business - and not only with this customer.
In time past these disappointed customers ‘only’ shared their bad experience with their, family, colleagues, and friends in their pub – But today they share their good and bad, and it’s natural, one shares more likely their bad experience with the whole world and their family, colleagues and friends by the endless social platforms.
A radical rethink of purpose of stores in the customers shopping journey is necessary. Non-traditional vendors are leading the way in …

‘buzzwords’ and phrases I am sick of hearing

Maybe I am too old, I am avoiding saying 'too experienced', but I am getting sick and tired of hearing these ‘buzzwords’, jargons, and phrases …
User Experience / ExpectationCustomer Experience / ExpectationBuyer Experience / ExpectationProsumer Experience / ExpectationProduct Experience / ExpectationBrand Experience / ExpectationService Experience / ExpectationConsumer-grade Experience / ExpectationClient-grade Experience / ExpectationEnterprise-grade Experience / Expectation
Does just one ‘word’ or ‘phrase’ helps you to do your job better or even sell your service better?
Do you really think you can separately design for these experiences and expectations? 

As long as all these terms and definitions are on the one hand so enormously overlapping, spanning, convoluted, encapsulated and on the other hand narrowly conceived or defined I think more often than before it’s less helpful for the communication than helpful to sell and to charge for another deliverable.

Even though the gr…


As already discussed several time before and we all know cross-channel shopping becomes a more then common and familiar way for customers. In view of that it becomes important that every customer experience strategy incorporate a reliable, consistent, and customer-focused approach to every product, service, and transaction.

And as brick and mortar stores still represent the largest part of revenue for most retailers, the in-store experience is the area that demands a great attention. Sad but true the reality is different in most cases and for most vendors. Local stores are disconnected from their other channels, points of sales and information and as a result they are unable to provide tight connections to critical data and activities store personnel require. This lack of timely information makes it difficult for store associates to provide the level of service that is only possible when they communicate effectively and frequently with their best customers.

Still too much sales people…