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Top Priority - Merge of online and offline user and customer experiences

It’s still the dawn for building a solid bridge between online and offline across the river called ‘mobile’ and subsidiary stream called social and so on. When building this bridge we have to check and prepare the ground and basement called for instance CRM, Analytics etc. and above all there the clouds :-)

Step by step we can see that it’s going to transform life, business, and work. We’re without doubt going to see more innovation in the next years because of all of the technology within mobile phone penetration, and you’re also going to see the connection between online and offline create a whole new experience for individuals and others, how we live, how we learn, how we work, …

Mobile, cloud, social media, and analytic are the building and maintaining elements that have given the power for a new world. In short, every part in life, learning and business is now enwrought  by digital parts.
It is time to bridge the gap and create more holistic environments.

The first step is always…

Customer Experience / Expectation vs. Retail Experiences – Closing the Omni-Channel Gap

In the last few articles I pointed out several option how to involve latest trends into retail and commerce – by the way I am working on my vocabulary, I am trying to drop the word e-commerce and m-commerce and all these xyz-commerce expressions, because it limits our perception of the world around us – but now back on topic.

All the things I mentioned - social shopping, closing the gap between digital and brick-and-mortal, etc. -  needs technology, backend, middleware, analytical, management, and a few more investments which support in minimum aspects which I will list at the end of this article.

All these investments are vital to enabling punchy exemplary omni-channel customer experience.  As customers expect retailers to provide consistent and unparalleled service across all touch points, retailers must implement flexible, fast reacting IT backbone that enable this higher level of service.
And when we talk about omni-channel retail, it’s inevitable having a powerful IT infrastructu…

Social-Commerce & Social-Shopping

One trend I forgot mentioning in my one of my last article is the topic ‘social commerce’ -

Social Commerce or often called Social Shopping - Social shopping features and sites motivate customers to interact and contribute in various ways.
The power of community, the dynamic of interacting and key influencers are and will shifting the way we do commerce in our stores, on air (all call it a mixture of internet and mobile) but also the whole service and customer support topics and the underlying processes and data systems.

The probability of buying a something or using a service that is suggested by a friend is much higher than without such a recommendation. But not only real friends are the one who might influence and lead someone’s decisions. Consumers are nowadays more and more willing to follow recommendations from people with similar interests and consumer behavior even if they are strangers.
According to this afo…

Personalization - Customization - Configuration

Henry Ford advocated his “one size fits all” strategy on Model T production when he said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” ... Those days are gone, about 80 years now, and that's a good thing - companies are understanding the idea that each customer is unique, has his own experience and expectations, and deserves relevant, personalized and product options.

We are living in the age of the customer, an age in which the understanding of customer’s behavior and insights of his decision making process and decision making methodology will be the key to winning in all markets. IT and the handling of big data is a critical technology element in the age of the customer.

In this age of the customer, products must influence digital technologies, like the web and smartphones, to create an experience that helps educate customers about what they’re going to buy, guides them toward better decisions, enables them to make customized choices, and…

(e)-commerce trends in 2014

The development of in-memory solutions and the growing power of mobile devices are pushing the pace at which requirements are developing and posing rapidly-evolving challenges for vendors and companies in retail.

In my view, the following trends will shape the future of retail this year:

1st Big DataBig data is and will be the important challenge for innovation, competition, and productivity.
Capturing, curating, managing, and processing data and information will dominate processes. The existing business process-optimization perspective of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions will be switched to a process-based, information-dominated understanding. Making the right information available in the right place at the right time will have to be the top priority in the future. And I am sure that Enterprise Resource Planning will merge with Business Intelligence

2nd Digital payment methodsNew digital payment methods and increasing use of cash systems as information providers
The potentials an…