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End of Year Thoughts About UX and Simplicity

Knowledge and findings of users' needs and expectation are fruitless, all too often it's just proverbial misspent seed on an arid ground, unless the ground is receptive and willing to be put under the plough.
Every time we put our fingers on the keyboard, put pen to paper, we are either creating or destroying value for users and business.

UXD is a purpose-driven, user-focused, prototype-grounded process that should achieve success through collaboration of each participant of the process eventuate in reasonable simplicity.
It's a foolish to think that the user experience and design thinking can be owned by one or a few in the process-team - it's a result of common and shared thinking and doing by each team member.

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Touch Gesture Set for wireframes and mock-ups (more than 50 symbols)

When going through the various guidelines regarding the gestures, you can see and explore the different gestures that allow users to interact.

However, I like to mention one thing at the beginning, because I started to write parallel an article about „intuitive control“‚ more or less non of these gestures is intuitive – or do you think that the iPad's four-finger swipe up gesture, that shows you the bar with the most recently used apps, is self-explanatory?

OK back to our gestures – I provide you my symbol set of gestures and movements as download:
Free Gesture Icon Set (51Quality Icons)
Visio stencils / shapes (vss) download
Adobe Illustrator (ai) download
Photoshop (psd) download
It's all in all more than 50 symbols for your wireframes and mock-ups.

Quick summary of the gestures, descriptions and the supporting platforms ...

GUI GestureDescriptionPlatformTapQuick touch and remove
A tap is a single, brief touch on the screen within a 
bounded area and back up off the screen again.iP…